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QUESTION (Anonymous) - do you consider yourself to be 'alt lit'?


yes, definitely

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her: sorry i didn’t text back i was busy. what’s up?


me: nothin

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"It’s sort of a cartoon in how you think. Writing IN that. You can bring your family along, your neighborhood. You don’t have to get normal at all. Just point your voice like you point your camera and go. Stop and start. Or start and start. Putting your energy into organizing the native form of your intelligence, not cleaning it up but making it immediate somehow. Language as wiggly as film."
— Eileen Myles, Vernacular Scholarship
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"Grow, tree, out of my heart space. I am
not a forest. I am close. Scared churches
of us off in the distance and see me running
like a runner does."
— Alexis Pope, “Careful I Am Like Honey”
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remember when we say “he’s funny” what we mean is “he’s funny for a poet”
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